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Welcome to
Violet Spark Energy
Holistic Wellness and Healing Support

Reconnect with your  inner truth, intuition, inner peace and joy, and your own healing abilities. You are a powerful, intricate, beautiful being. You have all that you need already inside you to tap into your power, heal yourself and to be the you that you want to be. Your body is constantly healing you and supporting you as best as it can. Learn how to support your body, free your mind, be present and connect with the peace and joy that is innate within you. You don't need anything outside yourself. You don't even need me.


However, if you don't know where to start, I can be a guide to help you remember your power and how to trust yourself. Energy healing and quantum healing can be a helpful tool in your toolbox to help you focus your intention on what you need, reconnect with your body and intuition, and your inner self. Learn self-love. Learn how your beliefs, thoughts, and perceptions are creating your reality. Learn how to feel what you need to feel.


My goal is to be there for you, facilitate your wellness as you rediscover your natural healing and intuitive abilities. I can help you transmute energy so that you can feel better and create the life you want. You don't need me but I can provide a safe place,  support and reminders until you are ready to fly.


About Me


Deep down, I always knew we were all connected by energy. I have always trusted the universe to have my back. However, I went through plenty of times when I didn't listen to my intuition or was bogged down being human.

It's okay. We are here to learn, to explore, to be curious, and to experience as much as we can!

I have been through many learning and healing journeys of my own. I have faced my shadow and continue to do so.

Now I guide and inspire people in creating a Bigger Infinity for themselves, realize they have so many more choices and possibilities available to them. I help people awaken their own inner healer and reconnect to their intuitive abilities, remember their strength, their power, their truth and help them find their inner self, love, joy, and peace. 


I want to give people the tools to heal themselves, and not just navigate this life, but fall in love with life and thrive.

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