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Violet Spark Wellness Couples Retreats

About the Violet Spark Wellness Retreats

 Get away from the hustle of daily life and the pull of unhealthy habits. Reconnect with your partner to not only deepen your connection, but create an emotionally safe space for each of you to be authentic, honest, and vulnerable.


Learn approaches to communicate and hold space for each other. Learn to recognize patterns that caused by trauma or conditioning. Learn how to recognize victim behavior so you can step out of victim consciousness to help meet each other's needs.

All it takes is a willingness to become more self-aware and work on your own healing. Only you can heal you, but I can be your guide on this journey of self-rediscovery.


The retreat includes lodging, all meals, and activities.


During the retreat, we will:

  • Have private access to the  retreat space.

  • Prepare nourishing, delicious meals as small groups with loving, healing intention.

  • Hold space for each other with unconditional love and without judgement.


After the retreat, you will go back to your "real world" changed, not only knowing how to access your inner love and peace at anytime, but bringing that love and peace (as well as curiosity and playfulness) into all your relationship. You will have a deeper connection with, and trust in, yourself and in your partner. 

Sample Schedule of Events


Sample 4 day Schedule

Day One

  • 4pm Arrive and get settles

  • Welcome, Meet and Greet with Mocktails, Retreat Overview

  • Group meal prep (experiential) and dinner

  • Evening Chat (Topic: Patterns, Victim Triangle, Q&A)

  • Free time

Day Two

  • Free time/morning sun/Yoga (optional)

  • Breakfast

  • Morning Informational Meeting (Topic: How to observe, connect, question, and take self responsibility), Meditation, and Q & A

  • Free Time / Lunch

  • Free Time (Rest /Enjoy Nature /Journal / hike. Optional individual Energy healing sessions will be offered at this time.)

  • Afternoon informational meeting. (Topic: Communication and How to hold space)

  • Afternoon Mocktails and Q & A Optional

  • Prepare and eat dinner

  • Evening Chat Optional  (Topic: anything)

  • Free time,  sleep

Day Three

  • Free time and morning sun / Yoga (Optional)

  • Breakfast

  • Morning Informational Meeting, Meditation, and Q & A (Topic: Triggers, Stories, How to be vulnerable)

  • Free Time / Lunch

  • Free Time (Rest /Enjoy Nature /Journal / hike /art. Optional small group energy healing sessions will be offered at this time.)

  • Afternoon meeting. (Topic: Importance of play, affection, and connection)

  • Afternoon Mocktails and Q & A Optional

  • Prepare and eat dinner

  • Play games (Optional)

  • Free time, sleep

Day Four

  • Free time and morning sun / Yoga

  • Prepare and eat breakfast

  • Meditation / Closing comments

  • Free Time

  • Clean-up / Pack

  • Depart

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