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Meditating in Nature

Violet Spark Retreat in a Box

You can purchase a Do-It-Yourself Retreat kit that includes everything you need to enjoy a retreat at the time and location of your choosing. It's perfect for when you need to prioritize yourself! Get some quality alone time, and focus on healing, accepting, and loving, yourself.

This Retreat in a Box is made for you so you can pick a peaceful place and a convenient time to do your own spiritual and healing retreat. It is based on my 3-pronged approach to physical and mental health: Nutrition, Awareness/Intuition, and Healing through self-care and nature.


It contains:

  • Instructions

  • All You Need is You book by Beth Gillier

  • Optional tools (crystals, palo santo,  pendulum, and candles)

  • Journal

  • Sample 2-day schedule

You can use the sample two-day schedule to make it easy or you can pick and choose what you would like to do from the cards based on what resonates, on what you need, on what feels good, or on the amount of time you have.


You can share this retreat with a friend or loved one or you can do it by yourself. You can re-use it as many times as you like doing full day or two-day retreats or an hour at a time. It is completely up to you.

For a limited time, you will get a free 30 minute session with Beth included with your purchase!!
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