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Guided Meditation for Quantum Healing / Physical Healing

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Healing is not passive. It is not as simple as finding a magic pill that will fix everything. Healing takes work and change on your part. Healing means listening to your body. It will whisper to you through symptoms. If you don’t listen it will start yelling and then screaming. Start listening to your body. Healing is not passive. Develop your curiosity to wonder why your body does what it does. Learn to listen to your body and work with it to give it what it needs. You can learn to listen and you can help heal your body through quantum healing. This works with your emotions and beliefs and through unconditional love to affect the energy field that is in you and around you. Physical ailments show up in your energy field before they show up in your body. There is an energetic field that flows through us and connects us to everything in the universe. Through this field, you create your reality and your state of health. Quantum physics tells us there are unlimited possibilities and the observer effect tells us, that by observing something, you collapse the potential possibilities into a single probability. Therefore, by visualizing and observing your own healing, you collapse potential possibilities into a single probability of healing. You can have a profound effect on your physiology. Creating your own reality of health and vitality. If you have been given the label of what is commonly referred to as a chronic disease, you don’t have to accept that. The more you identify with that and attach to it, the harder it will be to heal. I will do a second healing video to deal with these attachments and limiting beliefs.

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