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For several months I have been depressed and feeling hopeless, I reached out for help and Beth came to my rescue!!!! She was able to pinpoint my problem and clear the collective energy that was bogging me down. I didn’t realize that my problems weren’t mine. Beth also reminded me that I am fertile with a book. I’m so excited to start this new journey and I’m grateful that the cloud of depression has dissolved. Thank you so much!!

M. Johnson

I originally came to Beth seeking help to relieve my negative feelings regarding a family member’s death and lack of remorse.  I had extreme guilt and negative self image as a result of these feelings.  Through her counseling and energy work, I reconciled my guilt, and found that, actually, I have had a longstanding issue of being able to love myself.

Beth then worked with me to help me understand my emotions were normal and to forgive myself for feeling guilty.  She led me in discussions and guided meditation to a better understanding of how I am responsible for my feelings of well being, not necessarily for others.  Her techniques have allowed me to realize that I am a unique being in the universe, surrounded by love, and I can now look at myself with love and pride.


Truly and angel who has helped me on numerous occasions from healing symptoms linked to past life trauma to clearing grief that wasn't even my own to helping me gain clarity when I couldn't and so much more. She simply eases the soul with her gift that keeps on giving.

I distinctly remember after my first Reiki session with Beth that I thought, "I feel so alive!" She helped me with my stress and anxiety. .

Kelly B.


I had a Reiki session with Beth after she did a tarot card pull that had showed past life trauma on my right side. It intrigued me because I have had undiagnosed pain for years now. Beth did one half hour session and it was amazing! I have not had any pain since the session and i slept so much better that night. Highly recommend!

Heather D.

Beth did an excellent job with my reiki session. I’m a very sensitive empath so I collect a lot of energies on a daily basis and this is my first Reiki session ever from anyone. I felt better than I’ve ever felt in years afterwards. If you are a light worker in anyway or just deal with a lot of constant negative environment I would suggest seeing her.

Tommy C.

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